1. Therapy Lounge on Thursday nights with Filthy Couch

  2. Yesterday I played kickball in the rain. Then, this happened. 

  3. (Light) Trespassing for Art

  4. Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

  5. Playing around in someplace literally awesome

  6. A redheaded Cruella takes suburbia

  7. Took some photos of this lady yesterday. More to come!

  8. University of Washington in Spring

    Shot on iPhone

  9. This place reminded me of Helm’s Deep

    Big Four Mountain | Autumn 2013

  10. Happy hikers

  11. Portrait of Amanda shot on my new 5D Mark II

  12. Day 2

    Emerald City Comicon

  13. Spider Mau5

    Emerald City Comicon 2014

  14. Just a man out to save his swamp

  15. Emerald City Comicon, Day 1

    Featuring Mary, Sean, and Joe